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We are a specialist early-stage fund that invests in new and improved models of learning that deliver education at scale and prepare Africans for the future of work.

There is a global transformation of education taking place that has the ability to dramatically improve learning outcomes and better connect learning to jobs in the skills-based economy.

This revolution is more relevant in Africa than anywhere as the continent soon to have the largest youth population and workforce in the world faces a generational opportunity to leapfrog antiquated education systems where demand outstrips supply.

As the only dedicated thematic investor in Africa focused on the future of learning and work, FLF is a primary source of early capital, community and value addition to founders shaping what will soon be one of the leading global EdTech markets.

Global Context

The Radical
Transformation of
Education to Learning.


Africa Needs an Education Revolution.


87% of 10-year-olds in SSA are unable to read a simple story. 35% of teachers cannot pass the exams they give their students. Due to the pandemic, close to 300 million African children missed school with learning loss estimated at 4.5-4.9 years.

Lack of Seats & Capacity

In Nigeria, there is 1 university seat available for every 4 applicants. In some African countries, teachers are absent almost half of the time. 1 out of every 4 school-age children now receive education in low-cost private schools due to overcrowded public systems.

Skills Gap

96% of CEOs in Africa are concerned about the lack of skills among prospective employees. 65% of African CEOs say the skills shortage is preventing them from innovating effectively. Average time it takes a graduate in SSA to find a job: 5 years.


Two-thirds of African youth (15-35) are unemployed or vulnerably employed which leads to poor living conditions, fuels migration out of Africa, and contributes to conflict on the continent itself. Only 3 million jobs are created each year for the 10-12 million youth entering the workforce. 71% of youth cannot secure employment due to a lack of relevant work experience.


A Generational Opportunity to Leapfrog.

Most demographically dynamic region in the world. By 2050, 1 in every 4 people in the world will be African and the continent’s workforce will total 1 billion.  Over the next decade, 74% of global population growth of 18-23 years olds will be in 10 countries – 9 of which are in Africa.

The digital transformation of education will drive exponential gains in the access and affordability of learning in Africa, helping to combat demand for quality education that outstrips supply.

Radical improvements in learning outcomes will be seen through personalized, adaptive and data-driven learning solutions that can help offset extreme teacher challenges and increases in learning poverty.

Skills-focused, competency-based learning – combined with the emergence of faster, cheaper, more relevant pathways to employment – creates unprecedented opportunities to connect learning to jobs.

As the global distributed workforce becomes a reality, new models of education and learning in Africa can develop a talent pipeline for the world.

Our investments

Our investors


Julia Moffett
Founding Managing Partner (Nairobi)
Senior Strategy, Innovation and Communications roles:  Kenya, US and UK / 10 Years+ experience supporting tech founders in Africa including >$20M raised / Angel Investor and Advisor / Director, Equity Bank Group Africa / EIR, Education Design Lab
(First Close)
Investments Director (Lagos or Nairobi)
Candidates Identified / Africa-based / 7-10 Years Running Investment Processes and Transactions/ Depth in African VC and Tech Ecosystems
Nate Snow
Finance & Operations (US)
Fractional CFO/COO / Leveraging operational and finance experience in institutions, VCs, and start-ups in high-growth environments including: OnDeck, Union Square Ventures, J.P. Morgan, and Antler / Executive Director, Teach for America
Jennifer Bangoura
Platform (Lilongwe)
Part-time communications, research and portfolio support / Fmr. Industry Engagement, 2U/Director of Career Innovation, Nexford University
George Straschnov
Venture Partner
Bisk Ventures MD | Silicon Valley operator investing in early-stage EdTech companies globally | Led >40 investments with 10+ exits | Former Chief Strategy Officer for OPM Bisk Education, led business development to >$1B in revenue | Active Advisor, Mentor

investment committee & advisors

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
Founding Investor, FLF
Founder & GP, Future Africa
Co-founder, Andela and Flutterwave
Paul Breloff
Fmr. Accion Venture Lab
Katelyn Donnelly
Avalanche VC
fmr. Pearson Affordable Learning Fund
Ziv Reichert
Abdulkarim Mohamed
Fmr. Head of Acumen Education Fund
Ryan Harrison
South Africa SME Funds
Fmr. Spark Schools
Matthew Johnson
Oppenheimer & Co Edtech Lead
Ash Kaluarachchi
Alberto Arenaza
Transcend Edtech Network
Wale Ayeni
Helios Digital Ventures
Fmr. IFC Venture Capital


“As the founder of Nexford, the Future of Learning Fund has been an advisor, partner, sounding board and investor. I’ve found they bring a rare combination of strategic thinking, empathy and impressive global network – all of which have been truly instrumental to our growth story. Having worked with dozens of VCs I wish more of them would adopt their approach in supporting startups throughout their evolving needs and through the highs and lows of a startup’s journey.”

Fadl Al Tarzi, Founder & CEO
“The Future of Learning Fund was a great sounding board as we developed our business plan for Akili Network’s vision of a children’s TV channel for Kenya (and beyond).  They were instrumental in mapping out the education media landscape as well as identifying organizations that shared our vision and that we are now working with.  Thank you!”

Jeff Schon , CEO & Co-founder
Jesse Soleil,
President & Co-founder
“The Future of Learning Fund brings incredible value as an investor in Craydel. They have provided valuable insights from the education sector in other markets, which has informed our strategy.  They have made introductions to thought leaders and operators around the world, which has helped to shape our thinking and pursue high value partnerships.  If you are an education company in Africa seeking funding, we would highly recommend working with the Future of Learning Fund.”

Shayne Premji, Co-founder

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